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We would all love to live in an ideal world where we didn't have to worry about unscrupulous employees or children put in harm's way. Unfortunately, we live in a world where abounding dangers surround us and our loved ones daily. Because of this, we must do everything we can to maintain the requisite security needed to see our businesses flourish and our kids grow up to be happy, healthy and of course, safe young adults.

That's where mSpy comes in. The advanced software technology built into the monitoring app lets parents and employees keep a watchful eye over the things and people most dear to them. With mSpy, everyday worries are greatly lifted so that you can once again focus your energies on being more productive businessmen and women as well as more attentive parents.

With mSpy, you can know:

  • how safe children are when you’re not around
  • what troubles them most
  • who they have contacts with
  • what places they visit
  • what they visit online
  • reduce identity theft risk
  • check how productive your employees are

Business owners should be confident that mSpy is the best tool to maintain integrity among employees. The following must be upheld by all business-owners:

  • Prior consent by employees to monitor devices.
  • Keep the monitoring strictly work-related.

mSpy for phones


mSpy for computers

mSpy is a top of the line monitoring software and security application created for the supervision of employees and minor children. mSpy's technology has the ability to monitor and keep a log of the following mobile activities: Call History, Keystrokes, Texts, GPS Location Tracking, Chat Apps, Emails & more. Also, with round the clock customer support, and an intuitive online control panel for viewing monitored data, your business and parental needs are taken care of.

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You can be a computer novice and still be able to monitor your child's or employees activity with mSpy software technology without getting flustered! The data mSpy captures is easily accessible by logging into an intuitively designed personal Control Panel. Clearly see all activities that have taken place on the monitored PC or Mac by reviewing these features: Keylogger, Screenshots, Emails, Browser History, Bookmarked Sites and more. mSpy for computers is an excellent choice for those looking for a cost-effective parental control solution or employee monitoring software solution.

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mSpy in press


Courtney Jones


I am amazed at how many uses this software can have in my life. I can check what is going on in my home when I'm away. I can see progress at work and keep track of my cell phone if it ever gets lost or stolen.

Anthony Gassmann

Business owner

Running a huge company can be quite a handful. I can never be sure about what my workers are doing from moment to moment. Having loyal employees is very important and I know mSpy helps me see who my greatest assets are.

Jenni Reilly


mSpy is an invention long overdue. I can see where my kids are through GPS and I know what they doing on their phones. Their safety means the world to me and this software helps me informed. It is easy to use and cheap too. This cell app rocks!